The Radio logex Team

George Tyler
John K Smith
Sid Nasir
Geovanni Lopez
Jules Dubois
Jose Martinez
Drew Saunders
Salim Miss
Anders Johnsson
Jelle Borsje
John K Smith

The future is simplified.

With Radiologex®, the global medical and healthcare industry has its first and only Web 3.0 Solution, ushering in new possibilities for connectivity, productivity, and security.
Global Health Care spending continues to increase dramatically and is projected to reach $10.059 trillion by 2022. This platform is being introduced against a backdrop of the Health Technology sector which is expected to reach $280 billion by 2021, at CAGR of 15.9% between 2016-2021. Radiologex also furnishes solutions and services for medical device and equipment sale (global Marketplace), medical device and equipment service (P2P/B2B Service-On-Demand), medical imaging (PACS), and clinical information systems (CIS/RIS), as well as entire payment settlement (RDEE Pay) and lending/finance.
Radiologex is a Health/Medical IT Company based in Irvine, CA, with a diverse, global team of experts hailing from the Medical/IT/Blockchain/and Finance worlds.
Radiologex has already built its flagship product, RDEE, and its blockchain network is live as of Q4 2019. We are actively taking on new investors ahead of our beta release in early 2020.
For details on how you can support the future of healthcare management, productivity, and integration.

General Counsel /
Corporate Legal Representation

Law offices of Vatche Chorbajian, APC

Blockchain / Securities

Compliance Legal Representation.

Umar Farooq
Umar has been helping companies and individuals with domestic and international commercial partnerships and joint ventures for over 10 years
He started off doing domestic and international corporate and commercial law at the world's largest law firm Dentons and then moved in-house as Head of Legal of an investment bank before starting his own firm in 2012.
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Medical Advisory Team

  • Sam Zeim
    M.D. — American Board of Radiology
  • Michael R. Brand
    M.D. — American Board of Radiology
  • Michael G. Chan
    M.D. — American Board of Radiology
  • Sean P. Conus
    M.D. — American Board of Radiology
  • Russel B. Keating
    M.D. — American Board of Radiology
  • Bruce H. Omiya
    M.D. — American Board of Radiology
  • Fred Gene Lau
    M.D. — American Board of Radiology
  • Thomas H Lee
    M.D. — American Board of Radiology
  • Darcie Liu
    M.D. — American Board of Radiology
  • John C. Kirby
    M.D. — American Board of Radiology
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